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Corporate Training
Many respected companies -- as well as the US Army, The US Air Force, the Defense Finance and Accounting Service (DFAS) and the American Psychological Association (APA) – have asked John Kline to motivate their personnel and teach how to lead effectively and communicate clearly. Although he has published many books and articles in his lifetime, John now focuses primarily on his mission of teaching college students and doing a limited amount of outside speaking. Here are some of John's most recent articles.

Keynote & After Dinner Speeches
Dr. John Kline regularly entertains and inspires widely varied groups with his speeches on topics in tune with his audience.

A former Iowa farmer; for twenty-five years the Air Force expert in Communication and Leadership; and now the Distinguished Professor of Leadership and Director of the Troy University Institute for Leadership Development.

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Dr. Kline’s book, Speaking Effectively: Achieving Excellence in Presentations
has been popular with college students and corporate trainers.
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Columns Read John's monthly columns on public speaking, listening, communication, team-building and leadership.

Author John has books, book chapters and articles on Communication and Leadership.

"Our top-rated speaker. We've had him speak to 125 consecutive classes -- over 80,000 officers -- during the past 25 years."
--Commandant, United States Air Force Squadron Officer's School

John is comfortable and effective in all settings -- whether he is speaking in church, to a national television audience, high-ranking military officers or the managers of a Fortune 500 company or to international students and/or officers from many international nations.  He embraces his audiences and they embrace him.

Effective speakers use humor to keep listeners involved and focused. Here's what actual audience members have said about Dr. Kline.
"...this guy could make it as a stand up comedian."
"His stories and humor kept my attention focused on what could have been a very dull subject."

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