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December 2008 - Meeting the Media: Tips for a TV Interview

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John Kline, PhD, inspirational and motivational keynote and after-dinner speaker and corporate trainer.

December 2008

Meeting the Media: Tips for a TV Interview

Last monthís column discussed how to present key ideas to the media. This monthís column gives some tips for meeting the media on TV. Here are six things to consider when being interviewed on television.

If you are near a camera, act as if itís on and recording every word or action.  Many people have been embarrassed when something was played they didnít know had been recorded.

Know people will often judge you and your message by your appearance.  Pay attention to how you look. Look professional. Men, make certain your shirt has a nice collar and if you wear a tie, make sure it is neatly knotted. Women, wear clothing appropriate for the occasion. Avoid distracting clothes, jewelry or make-up.

Look at the interviewer not into the camera, unless you are instructed to do otherwise.  Itís easier talking to a human being than it is talking to a camera. The interview also comes across as more conversational and natural.

Sit up straight and lean ahead slightly in your chair.  You will look taller, composed and more confident.

Move your head and use your hands, within reason.  Donít put your hands above your face, below your waist or wider than your shoulders. Movement used in moderation helps you communicate your message and seem more real and less stiff and unnatural.

Smile; look pleased to be there.  People who smile appear more confident, come across as more knowledgeable and are perceived more positively by the viewing audience.

Next month weíll talk more about meeting the media.

John Kline
Montgomery, Alabama

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