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Aug. 2010 - Leaders Must Have Balance

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Dr. John Kline

August 2010

Leaders Must Have Balance

Leaders must have balance—intellectually, emotionally, physically and spiritually.

Intellectual development is essential; leaders must be learners. They must continue to grasp new concepts and deal with new ideas. In today’s rapidly changing world, leaders who do not keep up will be soon become intellectually bankrupt, unable to compete in the world of ideas and ill-equipped to provide the vision and intellectual stimulation needed by others in the organization. Reading, thinking, writing, speaking, and listening to others help leaders continue to grow intellectually.

Emotional intelligence (EI)—the ability and skill of leaders to manage their own emotions and those of the groups they lead—is a decisive attribute of leadership. Leaders who allow their emotions to interfere with their thought processes will make many poor decisions. On the other hand, leaders who fail to consider the effect of their emotions and the emotions of others in the group or organization will fail to account for the feeling factor; that is, how feelings affect group interaction. Leaders must first know themselves and then know others in order to lead effectively.

Physical condition is important; poor dietary habits, lack of physical conditioning and failure to get enough sleep will take a toll on leaders—especially as leaders get older and prepare to move into more responsible leadership positions. Leaders must take care of themselves if they wish to lead and take care of others. Take a look at older leaders. Most of them have exercised physical discipline throughout their lives. Most who did not exercise this discipline fell along the wayside.

Spiritual well-being is critical; without it, a leader will fail. A leader’s spiritual journey will help him/her discover what things in life are really important. The main purpose of the spiritual journey is to find purpose and meaning in life by having a relationship with God. As the psalmist wrote, “Lead me to the rock that is higher than I.” This connection with a higher rock gives assurance of a bigger purpose and leads to a leader’s spiritual well-being.

Leaders must be balanced—intellectually, emotionally, physically and spiritually if they hope to be effective.

John Kline
Montgomery, Alabama

Aug. 2010 - Leaders Must Have Balance
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