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April 2011 - Leaders Must Be Good Speakers

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Dr. John KlineMy May 2010 column was titled: “Leaders Must Be Communicators.” The February and March 2011 columns were more specific; they stressed leaders must be listeners and they must be able to use non verbal communication. But, leaders must also be good speakers. Many of my previous columns have dealt with techniques of good speaking. Some of those columns may prove worthwhile if you wish to become a more effective speaker.

I have written books on Public Speaking, but I am about to tell something I have seldom mentioned. I have been blessed with many job promotions and opportunities to lead groups that numbered in the thousands. I believe in every case there were others whose credentials may have been better than mine. Why did I get the leadership opportunities instead of them? Quite frankly, I became the leader because of my ability to express ideas clearly and speak effectively to small groups and large audiences.

Have I always been comfortable expressing my thoughts in front of an audience? Absolutely not! In my first college public speaking course I was so nervous that as I spoke, my nervousness caused red blotches to break out on my chest area and spread upward above my shirt collar. I prayed I could end my speeches before the blotches overtook my face. How did I overcome nervousness and lack of confidence? I learned the techniques of speaking effectively and I practiced. Don’t give up! Becoming a good speaker is worth the time and effort.

Make no mistake about it; speaking effectively will help you be a more effective leader.


John Kline
Montgomery, Alabama

April 2011 - Leaders Must Be Good Speakers
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