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September 2012 - Leaders must be Available to Serve

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Dr. John KlineI have been a leader for as long as I can remember. I was president of many organizations in high school including being the student government president during my senior year (1956-57) and president of several organizations at the state level. I have been honored to serve in many leadership positions throughout my life. Sometimes I did not seek the positions, but they seemed to seek me. In recent years I realized that these opportunities to serve came my way because I was available. Leaders must be available to serve.

The Biblical Leader, Abraham, demonstrated his availability to serve. At seventy-five years of age Abraham was a man with great possessions and a comfortable lifestyle; yet when the Lord called him to leave his country and his relatives, Abraham responded and the Lord promised not only to make his name and his descendants great, He promised to bless all nations of the earth through Abraham (Genesis 12:1—3). History would have been much different if Abraham had refused to go—if he had not been available.

Moses was another leader who was available, even at the age of eighty. In September 2010 I wrote the first of five successive columns on Moses as a leader. Although initially reluctant to lead, Moses agreed and made himself available to serve (Exodus 4:18). The next 40 years were a challenge to this great leader as he led a murmuring, grumbling, complaining people in their quest for the Promised Land.

Caleb was not only available, but eager to lead. He lived during the entire forty-year trek through the wilderness into the Promised Land. And he declared that although he was eighty-five years old, he was as ready and able to go to battle as when he was 45 years younger. (Joshua 14:10-12) What an example to the rest of us when we attempt to find excuses not to serve.

I am now seventy-three years old. These men—Abraham, Moses, and Caleb (all older than I) are role models for all of us. Leaders simply must make themselves available to serve. And we should be available as long as the Lord gives us breath.


John Kline
Montgomery, Alabama

September 2012 - Leaders must be Available to Serve
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