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December 2013 - Leadership Lessons from Jesus found in the Gospel of Matthew

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Dr. John KlineFor the last two months we have examined six leadership lessons from Jesus found in the four Gospels.   This month we will consider three lessons all found in Matthew.

Leaders identify those who can carry on the mission. Jesus summoned twelve and gave them authority (4:9; 10:1-14). Eleven were successful, perhaps some more than others.  Peter, for example, was the first head of the church and John wrote letters that became an important part of the Bible. Leaders must identify those who possess drive, understand priorities, demonstrate integrity, can adjust to change, inspire others, and have a passion to grow.  Jesus did this; and consider the results.

Leaders mentor those who will carry on the mission. While the gospels are filled with how Jesus mentored his disciples, look especially at Matthew10:5 ff.; 17:1-3; 26:17-29). Jesus demonstrated a desire to help them grow, invested time and effort in the task, and focused on future needs. In his outstanding book, How to Delegate Effectively, my long-time friend and highly skilled leadership and management consultant, Peter A. Land stresses that leaders must delegate to subordinates if they want growth in followers. Using the acronym DELEGATE, Pete says leaders must Describe the task, Explain the purpose, List the benefits, Examine their skills, Give authority, Assign resources, Teach the process, and Express appreciation. Jesus did these things. And look at the results.

Leaders plan for their succession to ensure the mission continues. After Jesus had identified and mentored the disciples, as we said last month, He sent them well-prepared for the mission to “. . . make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all that I commanded. . . .” (28:19-20). No one can question the success of this great Leader.

In the past three months we have seen nine lessons learned from the greatest leader who ever lived. Next month we will begin our study of leadership lessons from other personalities in the New Testament.

John Kline
Montgomery, Alabama

December 2013 - Leadership Lessons from Jesus found in the Gospel of Matthew
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