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Dr. Kline’s most popular topics for presentations and/or training

Servant Leadership

Dr. Kline focuses on the benefits of Servant Leadership for both the leader and the organization. He regularly talks on this subject—sometimes for 25 minutes, and other times for longer training sessions. He talks on Servant Leadership to every class of Leadership Montgomery (AL) and other Leadership Development Programs as well as to business and professional organizations.

Dual Focused Leadership

Mission First—People Always.  Too many leaders err on one side or the other.  Effective mission accomplishment depends on leaders having a dual focus.

Implementing Change

If leaders can’t make necessary changes and implement change in the organization, they are doomed to fail. But first, leaders must state their own core values, establish a personal vision, state their personal mission and establish objectives and plans to achieve the mission. Then they must be able to lead an organization to do the same things. Then they must be able to communicate.

How to Motivate Yourself and Others

Let’s face it: if you are not motivated, you won’t be able to motivate others. Learn what it takes to increase your own level of motivation and that of those you lead, manage, work with, or those in your own family or group of friends or co-workers.

Writing Effectively

Most organizations struggle with writing good letters, memos, and papers. Dr. Kline’s degrees in Writing and Communication, and his many years of practical experience give him the right expertise to teach others how to write effectively. Dr. Kline’s one hour, half day and day long training sessions on “How to Write Right” all receive consistently high ratings.

Speaking Effectively

Dr Kline has taught thousands how to speak in front of audiences. For twenty-five years he was the United States Air Force's expert on public speaking. And he has trained many in the corporate world how to speak effectively. He teaches how to overcome nervousness, tell stories with flair, and make winning presentations that get results.

Listening Effectively

How well do you listen? Perhaps you find yourself listening well on the job, but not so well at home. Or perhaps you misread the nonverbal cues people give—cues that can help you improve your listening dramatically. Dr Kline can help you be a better listener in just 90 minutes.


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