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"Best after dinner speaker we have ever had."
--National Congress of the Civil Air Patrol

Dr. Kline's Most Popular After Dinner Speech Topics

John Kline, PhD, inspirational and motivational keynote and after-dinner speaker and corporate trainer.

Dumbo and the Magic Feather

Remember Dumbo?  He didn’t know he could fly until Timothy Mouse gave him a “magic feather” and told Dumbo the feather would enable him to fly. Dumbo later learned, it was his own abilities and motivation that allowed him to fly.

Eight-Day Clock in a Six-Day Case

Put an eight day clock in a case that is too small, you obviously don’t have a clock that can operate for eight days. People often do the same thing.  They think too small and don’t achieve their full potential.

Beans in a Jar of Peas

A favorite of CEOs, senior managers and aspiring leaders from all walks of life from one who has successfully led both large and small organizations. This talk tells what it takes to rise to the top of the organization.

You Cannot NOT Communicate

There is never a failure to communicate, just a failure to communicate effectively.  Even the act of “not communicating” communicates something. This talk focuses on the main reason for “breakdowns” that keep people from communicating effectively.


This talk uses the acronym LEADER to tell six things leaders must do to lead effectively.  Each one of the six begins with a different letter in the word LEADER.

"Entertaining, energetic, encouraging -- a great motivator"
--Georgia Agri-Leaders

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