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Listening Effectively

Dr. Kline wrote two books during his time as a Civilian Senior Executive Service (SES—with rank equivalent to a two-star) United States Air Force employee.  Over a million copies of these books were printed and PDF copies of these books are now accessible.   

Speaking Effectively: A Guide for Air Force Speakers


Speaking Effectively: Achieving Excellence in Presentations

"From a top-notch professional speaker who has taught thousands of corporate personnel, military officers, and college students how to speak effectively, comes a text that's interesting, engaging, and filled with exercises and examples. Chapters on using humor, visual support, and presentational skills and strategies set this book apart from any other on the market."

Listening Effectively: Achieving High Standards in Communication

"Short, lively, and easy to read this practical, listener-centered handbook was written by an experienced communicator who has taught thousands of corporate managers, military officers, and college students how to become better listeners. Using practical examples from classroom, corporate, and family/counseling settings, it teaches theoretically-based and acknowledged techniques—thoughts, attitudes, and skills—necessary for becoming a better listener. The variety of interesting, engaging, interactive, and sometimes humorous, examples and exercises keep readers involved through learning-by-doing. For corporate trainers, and for others interested in improving personal listening skills."


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